April 4, 2012

when it comes to immune systems, i tend to think that mine is of “Apple, Inc.” caliber.

not ready to collapse when approached by the unknown(s) of the allergen realm.

armor clad with shield-bearing prowess against all things invasive.

festooned with nationally recognized awards for immunity and health standard.

then, with what may as well be a megaphone, my nasal cavity blasts forth a resounding “Nay, young one!”

i’m allergic to pine pollen.

plain and simple.

spring, one of the more joyous and celebratory times of the year, is my immune system’s archenemy.

not only does this render my visits to the pharmacy a requisite task, but also increases the awareness of my understanding of personal limitation.

don’t get me wrong.

i’m tough.

i can take a beating, work long hours, lift heavy things, sustain a bike accident from time to time and change my own oil.

i can’t, however, seem to enjoy a sunny day on the greenway with my wife without feeling like my nasal cavity is being invaded by a murder of pollen-covered crows.

woe is me, i know.

sadly, this is my weakness.

i’d make a lousy superhero.

“Help us, Ben! Mt. Vesuvius is erupting!” she said in a panic. “Never fear, young citizen. Let me run and purchase yet another 10-count of Allegra and then I’ll save your small, mountain village yet again from inevitable disaster.” said Ben while forcefully opening a box of tissues.

yeah….that comic book with suck.

that’s my achilles.

my kryptonite.


pretty sad when you see a 25-yearold, ex-lacrosse player, mountain biker, outdoorsmen sneezing uncontrollably in the hallways of the office.

if you’re covered in pollen, hate CVS pharmacies and love climbing pine trees from the months of april-may, let’s never hang out.

all for now.




shave time. shave money.

March 27, 2012

nowadays, it’s not hard to justify giving your brand a voice.

the “we are….” type of campaigns don’t stick for long.

you’ve gotta go straight for the emotional jugular. 

among the menagerie of social media and garbled messages, there always seems to be a few individuals or skeleton start-ups that make a splash on my radar. 

when it comes to humor, it’s difficult not to pay attention. 

keeling over in laughter makes you think past buzz words like “viral” or “sharability.”

you’re going to remember why you laughed. 

why you can’t stop smiling every time you see one of your friends tweet or post the same link that you did. 

my latest social/web/start-up affinity: dollar shave club.

i don’t care if these guys are operating out of the trunk of someone’s car.

you put something like this in the mail and poof. 


instant fan boy.

my hat’s off to you, dollar shave club. 

go watch their debut company video if you haven’t already. 

then watch it again. 

then share it with your co-workers.

lasting impression? 

well, i laughed so hard i almost fell out of my chair and i’m getting 5 razors a month for $3 shipped. 

suck it, gillette. 

if you think you can make a reference to roger federer, polio, vanderbilt, machetes and bear costumes and be funnier than these gentlemen, be my guest. 

i’m drinkin’ the dollar shave club kool-aid. 

all for now. 





August 19, 2011

as of late, the world has consisted of many congratulatory remarks and good tidings.

i am engaged to be married.


to the love of my life and best friend.

welcome to world of pre-marital festivities, planning and arduous detail.

my fiancee, jj synan, and i have been so blessed to have one another and we are enthralled about the next chapter in our lives.

we welcome a life foregoing what God calls us to.

we couldn’t be more excited to live our lives as one.

my life is indescribably more meaningful in knowing that i get to support her and be her spouse.

she inspires me to be more like Jesus.

we’ve had quite few conversations in regard to how we want to live our lives and impact the world (for God) and make less impact regarding ourselves.

selfless nature is something that has been engrained on our hearts.

that very nature calls us to do things that tend to reach far from the expectedness of the american dream.

we are called to so much more than comfort.


financial pillowing and blanketing.

floaty lives that consist of making concession to struggle or a lesser ideal of what you deserve.

both jj and i (see that, honey? i used it in the correct context!) have been very moved by the words of david platt and his book radical.

many of our close friends have been challenged by his words.

we want to seek more of the gospel invading our world.

contrary to the admiration of seeking the american dream.

it’s not going to be easy and it certainly isn’t meant to be.

this idea and choice isn’t made simply to be alternative to society and north american perspective.

we both feel called to live differently and put others before us.

we generously and graciously give what we have been given.

my parents have instilled this mindset in me and i want to seek this as our way of life as well.

which, in closing, brings me to my point.

as some may have shown curiosity and concern, we are not exactly following suit with what weddings are expected to be.

the idea of registering was a bit of a conundrum for both of us.

we certainly don’t want to disrespect others’ generosity for us.

we simply want to seek a more simple way of living.

we want to live with what we need and not seek to layer our lives with materials.

we would love for you, or anyone considering gifts for us, to rather consider committing to praying for our entire first year of marriage.

making a donation to an organization in our name. (we have a few we are passionate about)

please, oh, please, do not name a star or a constellation after us.

our registry, of sorts, can be found here.

it’s not meant with any offense, but rather a plea to support how God has called us to live.

we cannot thank those of you whom we love for supporting us and showering us with gifts.

they are truly seen as a blessing.


thank you so much for joining with us as we seek what God has in store for our lives.

we couldn’t be more thrilled about this next chapter in our lives.

all for now.


-b & jj


June 29, 2011

life is and always has been cyclical.

we are creatures of habit.

we tend to find shelter, comfort and a justifiable means of living in any situation.

even if you found yourself living in a dumpster, you would seek the best accommodations.

simple. human. nature.

i’m no theorist (let’s be honest. everyone is to an extent) but here is a dose of literature for digestion:

what is presently known as human nature can certainly be broken.

we, as a race, are awfully talented at complicating and shrouding our lives with the unnecessary.

we don’t always pay homage to the idea of breaking that cycle.

removing the aforementioned and reinstating the idea of allowing yourself to be loved could be a start.

we create our own dialect of excuses for running from our emotions.

we feign solidarity to ourselves.

aiming to be cheap salesmen.

our hearts have a voice.

they tend to announce our idiocy in the ever-so familiar guttural discomfort.

lying to your heart is like playing tennis against a wall. it’ll always be better than you. (we miss you, mitch)

you can run and run and run, but your heart is always the one keeping the pace.

again, i’m no theorist and certainly not a motivational speaker.

although, this tone i’ve taken for several posts now has lead me to believe that i’m reaching for that status….

regardless, i’m a romantic.

always have been and always will be.

i’m also a firm believer in the design that God poured into our hearts.

his blueprints have never been faulty. (in case you wondering)

some of your life has to be lived while acknowledging your heart.

your heart needs to be able to love you.

and you have to love your heart back.

you can allow yourself to be loved.

you can allow yourself to not be loved and feel the pangs of your heart trying to wrench you back into the light.

i believe this is packaged as a choice.

this message brought to you by, your friend and quasi-motiovational speaker, benjamin getz.

all for now.



i was referred to as a “renaissance man” last week.

i don’t claim to be anyone of consequence or to possess anything extraordinary.

there are several things that i know, know well, do, do well….

interested by many.

but master of none.

the dichotomy between my artistic qualification and that of jackson pollock would be starkly obvious to most.

there’s never been an overt paradigm shift in my level of creativity.

for better or worse.

i’ve gotten my feet wet in plenty of different arenas, season to season.

one thing i’ve noticed over and over is that creativity, when only voiced for the sake of creativity, makes a much smaller splash.

God didn’t breathe life into you just for the sake of chuckling to himself.

there’s meaning.

there’s agenda.

there is an unceasing and unbridled wonder behind it.

God wanted to pass the torch and watch us use our hands.

think of what the world looks like through God’s lens….

when he sees his children creating a fresh water well for a village in africa.

when your children were born.

when you took a chance on someone who may have been less qualified, but was certainly qualified in heart.

you created something.


an opportunity.

for the sake of their learning, betterment or personal growth.

we all have the potential to pursue creativity carte blanche.

absolve yourself from being under the weight of uncreative thought and obstruction.

you don’t have to firmly grip a paintbrush to create something beautiful and practicality certainly isn’t a precedent set before you from birth.

we are architects by birthright.

art and creativity doesn’t always have to make sense.

we were created to create.

we were created to take risks.

the author of creativity created creativity for a reason. (remember that)

we need to stop building walls and hurdles in front of ourselves.

you’ll fulfill a more accurate function by choosing to construct and not constrain.

all the world’s a stage….

all for now.





June 24, 2011

starting a blog or body of writing with the stereotypical or cliche greeting of “let’s start with…” or “so life has been…” seem to do no justice to my writing style.

for those of you who use it effectively or frivolously, my hat’s off to you.

however, putting things into perspective and closing the void of unknowns for an audience is key.

therefore, here’s the proverbial insight that you may be craving or find palatable. (seeing as how my last entry was posted unmentionably long ago, it seems apropos)

life is a journey.

a walkabout.

a brilliant dance. (i love you, even though you claim to not know how to dance.)

regardless of outset, you are qualified for this.

trust me, if you think you need affirmation to set out and attempt the unforeseen endeavors you crave, think again.

i have learned and learned and learned what “capability” really means for us as individuals.

as humans.

we are essentially the solitary element that makes up the braid of what God requires for subduction of His earth.

we have the capability of loving one another.

loving life and seeding it to continually grow.

learning to love another.

taking what He has called “good” and learning the intricacies of its blissful simplicity.

conversely, we have the capability of hating.

we can watch the world burn and decide that what is called good was never good for us.

we can choose that triumph over evil is an impossibility.

i’ve found that the past few years of my life have been placed ever so appropriately for how God has chosen to educate me.

however, not all is education.

much is for the sake of experiencing joy and pain.

i’ve seen the world’s most adorable nephew brought into my life. so cute that adjectives pay nearly no homage to his adorability.

i’ve lost and i’ve gained.

i’ve had and had not.

i’ve missed out and i’ve been there.

i’ve been fruitful and fruitless.

i’ve had an opportunity to be on the forefront of an anomaly to most.

i’ve picked up a camera again and i love it. i started a photo blog because that what hipsters do these days.

there have been moments of doubt and utter certainty.

life in the queen city has been nothing less than magical.

the people.

believers and non-believers have come to know why salvation was made for them. beautiful.

the setting.

this city experiences growth, hustle and opportunity for intrigue and it’s perfect for a romantic such as myself.

the calling.

i sometimes have no idea what God truly has planned, but i know that i am living it.

the quintessential menagerie of feelings, emotions and memories never ceases to sprawl.

so, welcome back to the blogosphere. in utterly perfect lowercase format with seemingly oxford comma and parentheses-laden syntax.

thank you for the extra nudge to start this outlet for catharsis once more. (i love you more than you know.)

writing, and recording what i retain cognitively, has become more and more imperative.

i need not forget this.

it seems that life has these rhythmic annotations for a reason. (key in and notice when you’re out of sync.)

i need to write this blog. i need to add to it.

it just needs to be written.

maybe for you, maybe more for me.

i never set out to have this written with lofty hopes of being a “writer.”

it feels good to feel the keystrokes and watch the words compile into lines again….

thanks for reading this. regardless of obligatory link-following or internet stumbling.

i look forward to injecting the internet with my feelings, thoughts and, perhaps, a rant here and there….once again.

currently listening to the new bon iver. if you’re smart and feel blessed with good taste, go purchase this record.

all for now.






lion of judah

February 4, 2011

kneeling before God is not done in a classic fashion

kneeling before something or someone unseen is not perceived as needed.

we are conditioned to obey what we see.

who we are is ordered by tangible results and measurable steps

not seeing the almighty is uncomfortable for our limited vision

it takes faith.

i find solace in knowing the lion of judah is ever watchful.

we’re never alone.

and if he is for us, then who can be against us?

i gladly yield.

all for now.



it’s awful intriguing to qualify or quantify someone’s story as being worthy of a listen or read.

stories are merely words, juxtaposed ever so cleverly to make something come to life.

syntax that makes more than just sense.

throw a few swords, battles, bows and arrows, romance and triumphal outcome into the mix and i’m a sucker for a story.

a story can make someone’s emotions change.

you can become attached to a character’s wonderment and personal exploration.

their dastardly and cunning.

their personification of seeming more and more like you or someone you know.

i’m not much of a constant reader, but i should be.

i enjoy a good bit of fiction.

namely, that of alexander dumas.

which you may already know.

but not as of late.

i felt lead to begin reading the Gospels once again.

from matthew to john.

now, if the bible were a book of stories, it would still be awesome.

moses? joshua? john the baptist?

imagine their lives played out in complete lord of the rings format.

nothing short of awesome, i could imagine.

but the Bible isn’t a collection of stories.

it’s a collection of accounts.

accounts of how the same God that rules heaven and earth is still just as wild today as he was when he lead moses through the desert.

just as powerful and awe-inspiring as when he held the sun in the sky for joshua.

stories are great, but i felt the Gospel of matthew come alive today.

it felt so real.

because it is real.

God is in these words.

the power to heal sickness, break bonds, introduce true love and negate death’s power lies in these words.

i love this book and all of its indescribable mystery.

these words bring life and are living water to my dry bones.

all for now.




January 31, 2011

connection is something that God has truly set before us as a blessing.

not just the sheer ability to share a moment, conversation or meal with another walking, talking, breathing human.

but the ability to share this moment with your fellow man and feel a deep connection of love.



disregard for the apropos.

there’s something more than just recognizing one another’s ability to converse and share kind gestures.

there’s more to it than simply living.

the sense of wonder in being surrounded by so many people with different stories.


hurts and pains.

joys and triumphs.

blessings and burdens.

what a privilege.

we rarely (fully) appreciate the eclectic canvas that is spread before us.

what a privilege to be surrounded with such diversity.

and likeness.

life is so good because it gets to be lived.

especially today because it has been given.

all for now.



integral pb & j

January 29, 2011

being truthful to one’s self is a bit more complex than most would care to shake a stick at.

it’s not simple.

variations of this, in my life, have been taking what works for others and turning into an adaptable and translatable version of my own.

oh, how i could walk with the best of them.

i can study and mimic.

i could learn the smooth talk and be a shining example of self-definition.

i was a sucker for a fad or popularity contest.

i don’t think most have truly grasped how valuable it can be to be truthful to yourself.

not just in appearance, but in ambition, love, fault, adventure and even painful times.

too much of what is available is a counterfeit.

life is full of untapped resources and you just so happen to be unique.

that’s like the metaphorical peanut butter and jelly of life’s calling.

God made us so unique that we were crafted.



there’s no point in wasting originality and creating a copy.

again, i’m but one small instrument.

i know that i want to be true to myself and honor what God has given me in order to do so.

in the daunting adventures and in the trenches of pain, i want to be true to myself.

you should try being the kid that jumps out of line and start your own cadence.

you might get yelled at and get a few odd glances.


that first step is a conquering moment.

work on checking it off of your list.

He made you a first edition for a reason.

all for now.