integral pb & j

January 29, 2011

being truthful to one’s self is a bit more complex than most would care to shake a stick at.

it’s not simple.

variations of this, in my life, have been taking what works for others and turning into an adaptable and translatable version of my own.

oh, how i could walk with the best of them.

i can study and mimic.

i could learn the smooth talk and be a shining example of self-definition.

i was a sucker for a fad or popularity contest.

i don’t think most have truly grasped how valuable it can be to be truthful to yourself.

not just in appearance, but in ambition, love, fault, adventure and even painful times.

too much of what is available is a counterfeit.

life is full of untapped resources and you just so happen to be unique.

that’s like the metaphorical peanut butter and jelly of life’s calling.

God made us so unique that we were crafted.



there’s no point in wasting originality and creating a copy.

again, i’m but one small instrument.

i know that i want to be true to myself and honor what God has given me in order to do so.

in the daunting adventures and in the trenches of pain, i want to be true to myself.

you should try being the kid that jumps out of line and start your own cadence.

you might get yelled at and get a few odd glances.


that first step is a conquering moment.

work on checking it off of your list.

He made you a first edition for a reason.

all for now.




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