dry bones made living once more

February 2, 2011

it’s awful intriguing to qualify or quantify someone’s story as being worthy of a listen or read.

stories are merely words, juxtaposed ever so cleverly to make something come to life.

syntax that makes more than just sense.

throw a few swords, battles, bows and arrows, romance and triumphal outcome into the mix and i’m a sucker for a story.

a story can make someone’s emotions change.

you can become attached to a character’s wonderment and personal exploration.

their dastardly and cunning.

their personification of seeming more and more like you or someone you know.

i’m not much of a constant reader, but i should be.

i enjoy a good bit of fiction.

namely, that of alexander dumas.

which you may already know.

but not as of late.

i felt lead to begin reading the Gospels once again.

from matthew to john.

now, if the bible were a book of stories, it would still be awesome.

moses? joshua? john the baptist?

imagine their lives played out in complete lord of the rings format.

nothing short of awesome, i could imagine.

but the Bible isn’t a collection of stories.

it’s a collection of accounts.

accounts of how the same God that rules heaven and earth is still just as wild today as he was when he lead moses through the desert.

just as powerful and awe-inspiring as when he held the sun in the sky for joshua.

stories are great, but i felt the Gospel of matthew come alive today.

it felt so real.

because it is real.

God is in these words.

the power to heal sickness, break bonds, introduce true love and negate death’s power lies in these words.

i love this book and all of its indescribable mystery.

these words bring life and are living water to my dry bones.

all for now.




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