June 24, 2011

starting a blog or body of writing with the stereotypical or cliche greeting of “let’s start with…” or “so life has been…” seem to do no justice to my writing style.

for those of you who use it effectively or frivolously, my hat’s off to you.

however, putting things into perspective and closing the void of unknowns for an audience is key.

therefore, here’s the proverbial insight that you may be craving or find palatable. (seeing as how my last entry was posted unmentionably long ago, it seems apropos)

life is a journey.

a walkabout.

a brilliant dance. (i love you, even though you claim to not know how to dance.)

regardless of outset, you are qualified for this.

trust me, if you think you need affirmation to set out and attempt the unforeseen endeavors you crave, think again.

i have learned and learned and learned what “capability” really means for us as individuals.

as humans.

we are essentially the solitary element that makes up the braid of what God requires for subduction of His earth.

we have the capability of loving one another.

loving life and seeding it to continually grow.

learning to love another.

taking what He has called “good” and learning the intricacies of its blissful simplicity.

conversely, we have the capability of hating.

we can watch the world burn and decide that what is called good was never good for us.

we can choose that triumph over evil is an impossibility.

i’ve found that the past few years of my life have been placed ever so appropriately for how God has chosen to educate me.

however, not all is education.

much is for the sake of experiencing joy and pain.

i’ve seen the world’s most adorable nephew brought into my life. so cute that adjectives pay nearly no homage to his adorability.

i’ve lost and i’ve gained.

i’ve had and had not.

i’ve missed out and i’ve been there.

i’ve been fruitful and fruitless.

i’ve had an opportunity to be on the forefront of an anomaly to most.

i’ve picked up a camera again and i love it. i started a photo blog because that what hipsters do these days.

there have been moments of doubt and utter certainty.

life in the queen city has been nothing less than magical.

the people.

believers and non-believers have come to know why salvation was made for them. beautiful.

the setting.

this city experiences growth, hustle and opportunity for intrigue and it’s perfect for a romantic such as myself.

the calling.

i sometimes have no idea what God truly has planned, but i know that i am living it.

the quintessential menagerie of feelings, emotions and memories never ceases to sprawl.

so, welcome back to the blogosphere. in utterly perfect lowercase format with seemingly oxford comma and parentheses-laden syntax.

thank you for the extra nudge to start this outlet for catharsis once more. (i love you more than you know.)

writing, and recording what i retain cognitively, has become more and more imperative.

i need not forget this.

it seems that life has these rhythmic annotations for a reason. (key in and notice when you’re out of sync.)

i need to write this blog. i need to add to it.

it just needs to be written.

maybe for you, maybe more for me.

i never set out to have this written with lofty hopes of being a “writer.”

it feels good to feel the keystrokes and watch the words compile into lines again….

thanks for reading this. regardless of obligatory link-following or internet stumbling.

i look forward to injecting the internet with my feelings, thoughts and, perhaps, a rant here and there….once again.

currently listening to the new bon iver. if you’re smart and feel blessed with good taste, go purchase this record.

all for now.







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