there is no practical artist

June 28, 2011

i was referred to as a “renaissance man” last week.

i don’t claim to be anyone of consequence or to possess anything extraordinary.

there are several things that i know, know well, do, do well….

interested by many.

but master of none.

the dichotomy between my artistic qualification and that of jackson pollock would be starkly obvious to most.

there’s never been an overt paradigm shift in my level of creativity.

for better or worse.

i’ve gotten my feet wet in plenty of different arenas, season to season.

one thing i’ve noticed over and over is that creativity, when only voiced for the sake of creativity, makes a much smaller splash.

God didn’t breathe life into you just for the sake of chuckling to himself.

there’s meaning.

there’s agenda.

there is an unceasing and unbridled wonder behind it.

God wanted to pass the torch and watch us use our hands.

think of what the world looks like through God’s lens….

when he sees his children creating a fresh water well for a village in africa.

when your children were born.

when you took a chance on someone who may have been less qualified, but was certainly qualified in heart.

you created something.


an opportunity.

for the sake of their learning, betterment or personal growth.

we all have the potential to pursue creativity carte blanche.

absolve yourself from being under the weight of uncreative thought and obstruction.

you don’t have to firmly grip a paintbrush to create something beautiful and practicality certainly isn’t a precedent set before you from birth.

we are architects by birthright.

art and creativity doesn’t always have to make sense.

we were created to create.

we were created to take risks.

the author of creativity created creativity for a reason. (remember that)

we need to stop building walls and hurdles in front of ourselves.

you’ll fulfill a more accurate function by choosing to construct and not constrain.

all the world’s a stage….

all for now.





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