June 29, 2011

life is and always has been cyclical.

we are creatures of habit.

we tend to find shelter, comfort and a justifiable means of living in any situation.

even if you found yourself living in a dumpster, you would seek the best accommodations.

simple. human. nature.

i’m no theorist (let’s be honest. everyone is to an extent) but here is a dose of literature for digestion:

what is presently known as human nature can certainly be broken.

we, as a race, are awfully talented at complicating and shrouding our lives with the unnecessary.

we don’t always pay homage to the idea of breaking that cycle.

removing the aforementioned and reinstating the idea of allowing yourself to be loved could be a start.

we create our own dialect of excuses for running from our emotions.

we feign solidarity to ourselves.

aiming to be cheap salesmen.

our hearts have a voice.

they tend to announce our idiocy in the ever-so familiar guttural discomfort.

lying to your heart is like playing tennis against a wall. it’ll always be better than you. (we miss you, mitch)

you can run and run and run, but your heart is always the one keeping the pace.

again, i’m no theorist and certainly not a motivational speaker.

although, this tone i’ve taken for several posts now has lead me to believe that i’m reaching for that status….

regardless, i’m a romantic.

always have been and always will be.

i’m also a firm believer in the design that God poured into our hearts.

his blueprints have never been faulty. (in case you wondering)

some of your life has to be lived while acknowledging your heart.

your heart needs to be able to love you.

and you have to love your heart back.

you can allow yourself to be loved.

you can allow yourself to not be loved and feel the pangs of your heart trying to wrench you back into the light.

i believe this is packaged as a choice.

this message brought to you by, your friend and quasi-motiovational speaker, benjamin getz.

all for now.




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