August 19, 2011

as of late, the world has consisted of many congratulatory remarks and good tidings.

i am engaged to be married.


to the love of my life and best friend.

welcome to world of pre-marital festivities, planning and arduous detail.

my fiancee, jj synan, and i have been so blessed to have one another and we are enthralled about the next chapter in our lives.

we welcome a life foregoing what God calls us to.

we couldn’t be more excited to live our lives as one.

my life is indescribably more meaningful in knowing that i get to support her and be her spouse.

she inspires me to be more like Jesus.

we’ve had quite few conversations in regard to how we want to live our lives and impact the world (for God) and make less impact regarding ourselves.

selfless nature is something that has been engrained on our hearts.

that very nature calls us to do things that tend to reach far from the expectedness of the american dream.

we are called to so much more than comfort.


financial pillowing and blanketing.

floaty lives that consist of making concession to struggle or a lesser ideal of what you deserve.

both jj and i (see that, honey? i used it in the correct context!) have been very moved by the words of david platt and his book radical.

many of our close friends have been challenged by his words.

we want to seek more of the gospel invading our world.

contrary to the admiration of seeking the american dream.

it’s not going to be easy and it certainly isn’t meant to be.

this idea and choice isn’t made simply to be alternative to society and north american perspective.

we both feel called to live differently and put others before us.

we generously and graciously give what we have been given.

my parents have instilled this mindset in me and i want to seek this as our way of life as well.

which, in closing, brings me to my point.

as some may have shown curiosity and concern, we are not exactly following suit with what weddings are expected to be.

the idea of registering was a bit of a conundrum for both of us.

we certainly don’t want to disrespect others’ generosity for us.

we simply want to seek a more simple way of living.

we want to live with what we need and not seek to layer our lives with materials.

we would love for you, or anyone considering gifts for us, to rather consider committing to praying for our entire first year of marriage.

making a donation to an organization in our name. (we have a few we are passionate about)

please, oh, please, do not name a star or a constellation after us.

our registry, of sorts, can be found here.

it’s not meant with any offense, but rather a plea to support how God has called us to live.

we cannot thank those of you whom we love for supporting us and showering us with gifts.

they are truly seen as a blessing.


thank you so much for joining with us as we seek what God has in store for our lives.

we couldn’t be more thrilled about this next chapter in our lives.

all for now.


-b & jj


2 Responses to “magnanimity”

  1. […] The wedding itself was a simple affair. I helped serve frozen yogurt (instead of cake). Of course the covenant itself was very sacred and special, but absent were the elaborate trappings of traditional weddings. It fits so well with who they are (read about JJ & Ben’s philosophy on Ben’s blog.) […]

  2. Can I borrow the book, Radical?

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