shave time. shave money.

March 27, 2012

nowadays, it’s not hard to justify giving your brand a voice.

the “we are….” type of campaigns don’t stick for long.

you’ve gotta go straight for the emotional jugular. 

among the menagerie of social media and garbled messages, there always seems to be a few individuals or skeleton start-ups that make a splash on my radar. 

when it comes to humor, it’s difficult not to pay attention. 

keeling over in laughter makes you think past buzz words like “viral” or “sharability.”

you’re going to remember why you laughed. 

why you can’t stop smiling every time you see one of your friends tweet or post the same link that you did. 

my latest social/web/start-up affinity: dollar shave club.

i don’t care if these guys are operating out of the trunk of someone’s car.

you put something like this in the mail and poof. 


instant fan boy.

my hat’s off to you, dollar shave club. 

go watch their debut company video if you haven’t already. 

then watch it again. 

then share it with your co-workers.

lasting impression? 

well, i laughed so hard i almost fell out of my chair and i’m getting 5 razors a month for $3 shipped. 

suck it, gillette. 

if you think you can make a reference to roger federer, polio, vanderbilt, machetes and bear costumes and be funnier than these gentlemen, be my guest. 

i’m drinkin’ the dollar shave club kool-aid. 

all for now. 





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