April 4, 2012

when it comes to immune systems, i tend to think that mine is of “Apple, Inc.” caliber.

not ready to collapse when approached by the unknown(s) of the allergen realm.

armor clad with shield-bearing prowess against all things invasive.

festooned with nationally recognized awards for immunity and health standard.

then, with what may as well be a megaphone, my nasal cavity blasts forth a resounding “Nay, young one!”

i’m allergic to pine pollen.

plain and simple.

spring, one of the more joyous and celebratory times of the year, is my immune system’s archenemy.

not only does this render my visits to the pharmacy a requisite task, but also increases the awareness of my understanding of personal limitation.

don’t get me wrong.

i’m tough.

i can take a beating, work long hours, lift heavy things, sustain a bike accident from time to time and change my own oil.

i can’t, however, seem to enjoy a sunny day on the greenway with my wife without feeling like my nasal cavity is being invaded by a murder of pollen-covered crows.

woe is me, i know.

sadly, this is my weakness.

i’d make a lousy superhero.

“Help us, Ben! Mt. Vesuvius is erupting!” she said in a panic. “Never fear, young citizen. Let me run and purchase yet another 10-count of Allegra and then I’ll save your small, mountain village yet again from inevitable disaster.” said Ben while forcefully opening a box of tissues.

yeah….that comic book with suck.

that’s my achilles.

my kryptonite.


pretty sad when you see a 25-yearold, ex-lacrosse player, mountain biker, outdoorsmen sneezing uncontrollably in the hallways of the office.

if you’re covered in pollen, hate CVS pharmacies and love climbing pine trees from the months of april-may, let’s never hang out.

all for now.




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